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The books and articles listed here share certain themes or ideas with those articulated elsewhere in this website (see A Professional Perspective on Teacher-Led Schools). However, none of the authors listed below have specifically endorsed CPSR's concept of Teacher-Led Schools.

Readings are divided into three categories based on the essential freedoms that are critical to worthwhile education reform. Two of these freedoms–parents' freedom to choose schools and citizens' freedom to know what schools accomplish–are already well supported in education literature, and so we list only a few especially pertinent articles.

The third category of readings – those that support one or another aspect of teachers' freedom to teach – is much larger. As several writers have indicated, teacher's freedom to teach is a need not well understood. We choose to champion it.

Comments for each recommendation were written by the CPSR president. They are listed alphabetically within each category or subcategory. Some readings probably could be placed in more than one category. We make no claim that the list is either complete or exhaustive. Recommendations for additions to the list are welcome.



I. Teachers - Free To Teach

A. The Nature and Importance of Teacher Leadership
B. The Value of School Based Reform
C. Barriers to Teacher Leadership

II. Parents - Free to Choose

III. Citizens - Free to Know


I. Teachers - Free To Teach

A. The Nature and Importance of Teacher Leadership

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B. The Value of School Based Reform

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C. Barriers to Teacher Leadership

Arey, Kelly. "When Standardization Replaces Innovation." Education Week, 5/8/2002, pg. 32.

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II. Parents - Free to Choose

Bomotti, Sally. "Why Do Parents Choose Alternative Schools?" Educational Leadership, October, 1996, pg. 30.

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III. Citizens - Free to Know

________, Closing the Achievement Gaps: Using Data to Drive Action; Closing the Achievement Gaps: Collecting and Analyzing Your School's Data. Parent Leadership Associates, 2003. (www.plassociates.org)

________, School Evaluation Services. Standard and Poors, Ongoing. (www.ses.standardandpoors.com)

Finn, Chester, Bruno V. Manno, and Gregg Vanourek. "Accountability Via Transparency." Education Week, 4/26/2000.

Finn, Chester. "Can State Standards and Market-Based Reforms Be Reconciled?" The Education Gadfly, 4/25/2002.



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