The Center for Public School Renewal

Why We Should Have Teacher-Led Schools
by Barry McGhan, CPSR President


People often say, "The teacher is the most important person in the educational process." This is usually hypocritical baloney. Few reforms put the teacher anywhere near the top of the educational pecking order. The Center for Public School Renewal seeks to change this situation with its Teacher-Led Schools Initiative.

The first thing to be said about teacher-led schools is that many people, even many teachers, will think this is an unnecessary or unworkable idea. Although such schools are neither of these things, they may not be everyone's cup of tea. For those who are interested in such an idea, read on! Your comments are welcome.

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If what we know, and how and why we know it, arises from personal experience--as some philosophers believe–then that's why I think teacher-led schools are what America needs for the 21st Century. Call it a gut feeling, or intuition–my personal experience is at the heart of whom I think should run a school.

But this is a complicated issue. It raises many questions, and challenges some of the most time-honored beliefs and practices in American education. You can read a little about my personal experiences–it will at least explain some of my motives–or move on to things you probably will find more objective.

What is a Teacher-Led School?
Part 1 - A Personal Perspective on Teacher-Led Schools
Part 2 - A Professional Perspective on Teacher-Led Schools

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