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Selected Articles and Books Listed in ERIC

The ERIC system (Educational Resources Information Center) contains a great deal of information about concepts related to the idea of teacher-led schools. ERIC's set of Major Descriptors includes the following related terms:

Beginning Teachers, Collegiality, Decentralization, Governance, Lead Teachers, Leadership, Leadership Qualities, Master Teachers, Organizational Change, Participative Decision Making, Power Structure, Professional Autonomy, Professional Development, School Based Management, Social Support Groups, Teacher Burnout, Teacher Participation, Teacher Responsibility, Teacher Role.

Of course, less-accepted terms such as "empowerment" and "devolution" can also be used in keyword searches.

1999 ERIC Searches

Searches were conducted on the following four Major Descriptors for the indicated time spans:

  • decentralization (1967-1998) - 1116 hits

  • professional autonomy (1981-1998) - 371 hits
  • participative decision making (1982-1998) - 1851 hits
  • school based management (1981-1998) - 1083 hits

A number of articles were listed under more than one of these descriptors, so that the number of unique hits is less than the sum of these four categories. In fact, 58 articles were common to all three of the larger categories, and one article was categorized under all four descriptors.

To review the 72 ERIC entries selected from the 1999 search results click here.

2007 ERIC Searches

Searches were conducted on the same four Major Descriptors for the period 1999-2006:

  • decentralization - 115 hits

  • professional autonomy - 51 hits
  • participative decision making - 251 hits
  • school based management - 115 hits

The results of this search also produced overlap among several categories. See the Venn diagram below.

To review the ERIC entries selected from the 2007 search results click here.




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